štvrtok 24. mája 2012

New in: H&M flats

Quick post which includes my new flats. The shop is obvious. I also saw beautiful hot neon pink bras at H&M and I want to buy them as soon as possible!!! They have so many different bras in this hot pink color! Have you seen them? What do you think about them?

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Anesa povedal(a)...

Vypadají nádherně =)


drinkcitra povedal(a)...

Omg these are so cute!!

Super Cute Super Easy povedal(a)...

:)) Thnks:)

Vivi Vintageová povedal(a)...

Jsou překrásný! Taky je nutně potřebuju! ;-)

n i k o l e č k a povedal(a)...


Super Cute Super Easy povedal(a)...

Dakujem dievcata:)

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