streda 18. apríla 2012

utorok 10. apríla 2012

Essence - Fruity nail polish edition volume 1

Here is my promised swatch of green Fruity polish! They should it call Kiwi, it reminds me kiwi fruit! I used two thicker coats of this amazing Easter-related color! Have a fabulous day ahead! Bye bye!

piatok 6. apríla 2012

Great DM drogerie shopping!!!

Dneska sa s vami podelím so skvelými zľavami, na ktoré som narazila v DM drogérií, Galéria, Košice!!! 
Tak ak vás to zaujíma, čítajte ďalej!

streda 4. apríla 2012

Turquoise and hot pink nails

This will be a quick post about my new manicure. I wanted to try out the new combination of colors, so I chose these two - turquoise and hot pink! :-) Do you like that funky manicure or rather classic?:-D