piatok 30. marca 2012

Viva La Green

I have some rules in painting my nails:
1. You can't go wrong with the simple manicure. Have you ever see ugly one-colored manicure? I haven't. 
2. You can go wrong by overdoing your manicure with the kitschy nail art! I understand that it's so much work and fun on doing so many different patterns and pictures on your nails. However, your nails are just nails. It's not a painting exhibition! 
These two rules I've been following for a long time and you can't find something overdone at my blog, I think!:-) 
Have you any rules you follow or any limits in painting your nails?  Or sky is your limit? How creative are you?
I added two photos of my very spring nails! I hope you will like them!:-) Have a nice day!

 What I used: 

  • green nail polish (Essence - 79 Viva La Green)
  • base coat (Essence - 05 Sweet As Candy)
  • green rhinestones

10 komentárov:

Glamour wall povedal(a)...

Máš skvelý blog a veľmi obdivujem tvoje krásne nechty, sú úžasné!!:) A som rada, že som práve našla ďalšiu blogerku z Košíc:)

Super Cute Super Easy povedal(a)...

Glamour wall: Dakujeeem za kompliment!:)) Taketo komentare sa tak super citaju!:))) nj, Kosice reprezent!!!<3<3

MissBeautyAddict povedal(a)...

pridavam sa do klubu košičaniek haha :D

drinkcitra povedal(a)...

This is pretty! lol. I like your nail rules. I think I'm the same...I think haha

Ninoushka povedal(a)...

I am a total proponent of your rule #2 as well !! I'm not totally against funny stamping as long as it is for original French manicures or geometric patterns (very simple ones). I HATE with a PASSION anything flowery-birdy-animaly-hearty :D

Niky povedal(a)...

Jeeej, s tou zelenou je to snad ještě hezčí!! Tak asi tady se inspiruju až mi dorostou ty dva nehty :D :D :D
A ty kamínky lepíš lepidlem nebo jen "přiťapneš" na morký lak?

Super Cute Super Easy povedal(a)...

MissBeautyAddict :)

drinkcitra: I know about you! I totally loove your style of painting nails! Totally my taste:)) Thankss:))

Ninoushka: Yeah, I know what you mean! Sometimes it's funny to do something more complicated as a nail art! However, decent nail art should have some limits and rules!:D:D:D Thanks for your opinion and comment!:)) I'd love to read it!

Niky: Ja si ich len pritapnem:D na mokry lak a troska zatlacim nech tam drzia, a potom prelakujem este priesvitnym. A vobec netreba lepidlo podla mna, drzia tak silno, ze ked po tyzdni si ich odlakuvavam, tak lak uz aj zijde dole ale tie kamienky drzia!:D Akoze je pravda, ze nikde nebezpecne nepcham ruky a davam si pozor nech sa mi nepokazia nechty, ale aj tak..:D drzi to..

Lieke Marijnissen povedal(a)...

I love it when you do a kind of french manicure ♥

Super Cute Super Easy povedal(a)...


Try It With Carmella povedal(a)...

i love this green

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