piatok 30. marca 2012

Viva La Green

I have some rules in painting my nails:
1. You can't go wrong with the simple manicure. Have you ever see ugly one-colored manicure? I haven't. 
2. You can go wrong by overdoing your manicure with the kitschy nail art! I understand that it's so much work and fun on doing so many different patterns and pictures on your nails. However, your nails are just nails. It's not a painting exhibition! 
These two rules I've been following for a long time and you can't find something overdone at my blog, I think!:-) 
Have you any rules you follow or any limits in painting your nails?  Or sky is your limit? How creative are you?
I added two photos of my very spring nails! I hope you will like them!:-) Have a nice day!

piatok 23. marca 2012

Green and Brown dots

Hello stalkers!:-D Today I posted the pictures of my new manicure. I used unusual color combination of these three colors - green, nude and brown! What do you think? I also give you oportunity to tell me what manicure you want to see next! Please, let me know! I'm so curious to see what you want to see as my next manicure post! Bye bye and have a nice weekend! :-)

utorok 20. marca 2012

New in: Spring shoes

Spring is here! And it's right time for new shoes! I have bought one pair of nude pumps and one pair of flats! I think they look amazing!<3 I also add my sister's purchase - two pairs of flats! I love them too!<3 What do you think? What style of shoes are you going to wear during spring?

štvrtok 15. marca 2012

Turquoise glitter french tips

Great milestone in my whole blogging activity! Hundred post is here! For someone is a little bit late for hundred post but I prefer quality not quantity of posts! I have no where to rush. So, enjoy this post with my new french tip manicure with glitters! Do you like colored tips? By the way, sorry for non-blogging this week. I haven't got as much time as I want because I studying for school, I working out, dating with my boyfriend and yesterday I underwent a laser epilation of armpits! That's an another milestone in my life! If you want to hear more, let me know. I don't exactly know if you're interested in or not!:-)

nedeľa 11. marca 2012

Tally Weijl purses & my one

Hi girls! I'm back here! I want to show you new piece among my purses! 
I like the small purses that Tally Weijl brings in their spring collection. They're cute, colorful, perfect for spring and summer! Unfortunately, I didn't see them all in the shop, I hope they will add then soon! I bought just hot pink quilted one, another colors are not available. The purses with bow don't look so good in real, they are too small and look cheap I think. One big advantage of purses from Tally Weijl  is that they are not expensive, totally affordable for student budgets. I paid something about 13 €. I created a picture collage for you, and I'm really curious what you think about them! Which one do you like the most? 

sobota 10. marca 2012

Dress For A Moment

Today's manicure here! I used Essence nail polish with interesting name - Dress For The Moment. The most favorite color from my nail polish collection as you can noticed in the nail polish tag post! Moreover, I use the purple star rhinestone on the top of every nail. Do you like it?
By the way, I want to say big thank you for every comment I received, for every positive reaction to my posts! I'm so glad about all of my faithful readers!!! I have never expected so high support from you guys!:-)I wish all of you a fabulous day ahead!

piatok 9. marca 2012

pondelok 5. marca 2012

Nail Polish TAG - show your nail polish collection / ukáž svoju zbierku

I was tagged by MissBeautyAddict who created this amazing tag! I consider it as a great opportunity to show you my little nail polish collection, tell you about my favorite shades and so.

piatok 2. marca 2012

Floral print nails

Should I continue to do my nails with this floral freehand print or it's epic fail? That's the first time I've ever made this print, don't be rude!:-D Please let me know your opinion! 

štvrtok 1. marca 2012

You belong to me

I'm so excited that this nail polish belongs to me!!! Beautiful color reminds me azure sea. It's two coats of Essence - 53 You belong to me from colour & go line. As a background I used my new blazer. What do you think? 
And big mystery! I've already had another one nail polish by Essence called You belong to me, but the color is not same, it's lighter!!! And moreover, two different nail polishes called Mellow Yellow as I noticed earlier! Why did they call two different shades with the same name? It's soo confusing for us, bloggers!