streda 22. februára 2012

New in cosmetics: Essence, Catrice, Garnier, Maybelline and Miss sporty

Hi dear readers! Today I will show you new cosmetics. So, continue reading!

Essence colour & go nail polishes -  I bought them in DM drogerie today because they're in sale - 50 % off! Lots of products by Essence and Catrice are now on sale, nail polishes by Catrice too! I looove pastels and these colors are amazing. The texture is great, two coats of polish is completely enough!  
Prize: 1,49 € - 0,75 € for selected colors

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick 010 Be Natural! - I've bought this lipstick because all of Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks are on sale - 50 per cent off!!! I read that amazing information on their facebook page yesterday and today I run to the nearest Dm drogerie. This nude shade is my the most favorite nude for ever!!! I wanted to buy also in pink color but it was sold. However, the manager of Catrice and Eseence, I don't know who he was (he was talking with sales manager all the time about sales, products and stuff), told me that they will add missing lipsticks, sale will continue, etc. He was very kind to me!
Prize: 4,20 € - 2,10 €

Maybelline - The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara Cat Eyes - I love mascaras by Maybelline and this piece creates amazing cat eyes!
Prize: 9,99 €

Miss Sporty 2-tones Blush - I like it because of low prize and pink pigmentation that gives to my cheeks.
Prize:  2 - 3 €
Garnier Intensive Care Dry Skin Body Milk with fruit micro oils and shea butter - I loooove the perfect fruit smell. It leaves my skin moisturized and soft. Suitable for dry skin. Very low prize again.

Prize: about 4 €

9 komentárov:

*-*-Lienka-*-* povedal(a)...

75 centov? COOO? KDEEE? Vstko by som si kupila! :)

Super Cute Super Easy povedal(a)...

Lenka: v DMke! A prave pozeram na blocek, ze ta predavacka mi nablokovala iba za jeden lak 75 centov!!! To co ma znamenat!:(((( AJ Catrice laky su zlavnene na polovicu btw:)

LaMarianaMia povedal(a)...

ja som bola u nás v Dmke a tam žiadne nové výpredaje nie sú :-( perfektný nákup!!!hlavne tie posledné dva laky..och!:-D

Brittney (Precious Polish) povedal(a)...

Those Essence shades are so pretty! Looking forward to seeing them on your nails! (:

Super Cute Super Easy povedal(a)...

LaMarianaMia: Podla mna len dneska zacal ten vypredaj, lebo v tej mojej DeeMke asi hlavna predavacka a taky pan, akurat ako som tam doobeda bola, lepili zlavy na Catrice vyrobky aspon na polku regalu:D, neviem co tam vykladali, vraveli o tych vypredajoch a tak... Tak dufam, ze aj ku tebe dojde vypredaj!:) Este si urcite nieco pojdem pozriet:)

The Sneakerette povedal(a)...

omg im so jealous of all the essence polishes you have access to! i love all the colors you picked out. they're all so pretty! :D

drinkcitra povedal(a)...

Everything looks great! I really like the essence nail polish colors you picked up!

Dazz povedal(a)...

Ty poslední dva laky!!! Chci ♥ U nás tyhle barvy nemají :(

Super Cute Super Easy povedal(a)...

Dazz: Uz su asi vypredane..lebo to som kupila z toho jedneho stojana v Dmke:P
The Sneakerette, drinkcitra: Thanks babes! I like them too!:) I don't have access to many nail polishes that you have!:):P

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