piatok 3. februára 2012

New Essence limited editions

Hi girls! I prepare for your preview of new limited collections by Essence which are releasing in February, March or in April! I don't like post like this. However, I must show you them! Honestly I look forward to every edition! I like how many special edition they're creating and releasing! One per moth is a minimum! Click on the pictures of products for enlargement! Do you like Essence?

Older editions:

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Anonymný povedal(a)...

This sounds great! I hope they were avalaible on Spain -_- I tagged you :) Hope you don't mind ---> http://psychonails.blogspot.com/2012/02/11-questions-tag.html

Super cute super easy povedal(a)...

Thanks for tagging!:)

Lydz povedal(a)...

ohh this looks really great! :)

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