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My foundation collection & review - updated

Well known foundation Rimmel - Stay Matte is for sensitive or oily skin. "Natural Shine Control Complex combines three botanicals -  cotton to help control excess oil, chamomile to help calm skin and reduce redness, and cucumber for its clarifying properties - to soothe and clarify the complexion while absorbing excess oil. Your skin should be fresh and matte for up to 12 hours." With this length I can't agree.  It doesn't last so many hours as it said.  
The biggest advantages of this foundation are the facts that it's really affordable, has light texture, easy application and it's fragrance, oil, paraben, talc free. I don't like extremely perfumed foundations. On the other hand, it's not full coverage foundation, it doesn't cover all of your imperfections and blemishes. It' not suitable for problematic skin. So, if you have perfect skin without any imperfections and don't wanna use foundations but still want to give some color to your face, go into this product.
There are five shades available and I'm using it in color 201 classic beige. It really matches my skin tone.
I think that's all I could say about this foundation. Everybody knows it.
Prize: 5,99 €

"Contains unique multi-tonal pigments, provides undetectable coverage, synchronizes with the skin for a look of natural perfection."
This foundation is full coverage - covers most of my blemishes, imperfections, dark circles or pigmentations but on the other hand my skin don't look like a mask. It's really hard to say that you are even wearing a foundation - like a second skin.Texture is perfect, leaves your skin matte, naturally  beautiful and doesn't dry out your skin. This shade 055 - Blushing beige matches my skin tone very well. It's really fast absorbing and long lasting. I recommend you to try out this product. I personally use it every time I do my make up.
Prize: about 16,65 €

I updated the post with this amazing foundation by Max Factor(belongs my mum). I had a chance to try it out and I wanna share with you my experience.
"Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation has a long-lasting, smudge-proof formula that resists rubbing off onto you or your clothes."
It's full coverage - covers all of my rednesses, blemishes, dark circles or pigmentations. The shade 105 - Soft beige perfectly matches my skin tone (in this winter time). It's really long lasting, I swear 10 hour on my face without any change! It's also easy to apply, easy to blend and gives your face a matte finish without drying. However, I don't recommend this foundation to extra dry skin. It's perfect for oily or normal skin. The next advantages are good range of colors available and low price. I think it's good value for money.
Prize: 14,00 €

Last but not least, I got Face fabric by Armani. "It's an invisible foundation  with a 3D Micro-fil technology. Its unique Micro-fil™ formulations bring lightness and fluidity to makeup, allowing infinite blending and layering to enhance the natural glow of the skin. For normal to oily skin, providing sheer coverage. Face fabric is CEW 2009 Face Product Prestige Award Winner and Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Award Winner."
When I first applied this foundation, I couldn't believe my eyes and fingers! It feels like putting silk on your face! Extremely soft, sheer, airy, gel-like texture leaves your skin extremely smooth, soft, velvet, almost air-brushed. It's easy to blend because of silicons and it's long lasting as well.  It is little bit perfumed and I also appreciate SPF 12. There are several shades available.
One of the biggest disadvantages is that's not full coverage. It doesn't cover all imperfections. Anyway, if you have perfect not oily face skin, with this foundation your skin will look more perfect! The next disadvantages is a prize (fortunately I've received it by my mum, it doesn't matches her skin tone very well) - it's quite an expensive product. Judge for themselves!
Prize: 49 - 57,50 €

Final decision: All in all, if I had to choose only one foundation from those, I would prefer foundations by Max Factor. If I compare the price and quality, they clearly wins!
What do you think about this review? Do you own any of these products? I will be glad to hear your experience! I wish you a fabulous day ahead and I will be there soon again! Bye bye!

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drinkcitra povedal(a)...

Nice review! It's great hearing about other foundations. I haven't tried any of these, but they seem really good!

Super Cute Super Easy povedal(a)...

Thanks for your comment! You're one of my biggest readers at all:) Haven't you tried any of these? They're really well known in Europe I think:)

Anonymný povedal(a)...

very nice pictures i follow you now .Now you have follow me

Ajvn povedal(a)...

všetky vyzerajú super :) ten prvý som mala a bol celkom dobrý ... možno nabudúce vyskúšam nejaký z týchto :)

Sarah159 povedal(a)...

Pekný článok :)


The Sneakerette povedal(a)...

its such a shame that max factor got discontinue d over here. i've heard great things about the georgio armani foundation!

evie povedal(a)...

na ten prvy maxfactor som pocula fajn ohlasy, uz som nad nim aj rozmyslala:)


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