streda 29. februára 2012

New in: skinny jeans from Tally Weijl

I aaaalways buy skinny jeans in Tally Weijl because they always have big range of skinny jeans, jeggins and pants and they're sooo comfortable and beautiful. Moreover, they're so cheap (one for 20-30 €) And this weekend we went shopping and came across to the amazing discount in Tally Weijl! Buy two pants and save! So, I have bought with my sister the same jeans, she's got in size 34 and I've got in bigger size 36. Together with the discount we paid about 35€. The color is very dark, in the picture it looks lighter. However, it's very very dark blue. They fit me well. Last three pictures are another jeans I like, especially the white one and minty one! I didn't see them in shop, I think it's new collection but still in discount. I hope they will deliver these amazing pants to our shop. Do you like Tally Weijl pants?  

sobota 25. februára 2012

Sure Azure

I want to introduce you Essence - 74 Sure Azure nail polish. It's an ordinary swatch with some blue rhinestones, nothing special but I swear my next manicure post will be something better. Anyway, I like that pastel color , two coats are completely enough, application is easy, price is unbelievable - there is nothing I can complaint about! Do you like that color?

piatok 24. februára 2012

Essence My Skin Creams Review

Hi ladies! I will show you my two new creams from Essence My skin line. This cosmetics is especially developed for young skin, provides your skin protection, moisture, freshness. So, if you are interested in these products or just feel young, wild and free, continue reading my review!:-D

štvrtok 23. februára 2012

Modern Romance

This is the first swatch of my new nail polish purchase from Essence which you could see in my previous post. I used two coats of Essence - 44 Modern Romance nail polish. Two coats are completely enough. It's very pretty color, is warmer nude or light corral I think. Do you like it? In these pictures below you can see my rose ring from Six and corral blazer by New Yorker:-) 

utorok 21. februára 2012

New in my closet: New Yorker and Reserved

Hi there!!! We (my sister and me) finally have bought amaaaazing blazers from New Yorker which we want for a long time!!! I've got minty/turquoise one and she's got peachy/corral one! They both from New Yorker and cost about 39,95 €. I think that price is the only one reason that they're not sold out. They have lots of sizes, we've got them in size 34. I like the material very much, turquoise one is from 100% polyester and corral one is 63% polyester, 34% viskose and 3% elasthan. We couldn't use just two pieces because they've got sooo many amazing colors of blazers for spring, e.g. electric blue, navy blue, red, yellow, black, white, beige and so!  I'm also going to buy any pink blazer this year. I love love love blazers! They're so elegant, classic but fashionable and trendy at the same time! What about you? Do you like my blazer? What a stupid question! I can't imagine somebody who don't like blazers! 
Moving on to the next purchase. We both (again) have bought brown gloves with fake fur from Reserved. The main reason of buying them, was the extra low price - 3,99 €. 
I hope you enjoy my newbies and let me know if you like them! 

nedeľa 5. februára 2012

Peach rose earrings from Peacocks

Yesterday I bought these amazing peach rose earrings which I want for a long time as you know. They were in sale and I paid only 2€ for them! I've increased my jewelry collection which I showed you few days ago because I need suitable earrings to my peach rose ring which I showed you earlier too. Lots of you guys love rose jewelry as you wrote in comments. I hope you will like them as much as I do. Have a fabulous day ahead and I'll be back soon with new post!

piatok 3. februára 2012

New Essence limited editions

Hi girls! I prepare for your preview of new limited collections by Essence which are releasing in February, March or in April! I don't like post like this. However, I must show you them! Honestly I look forward to every edition! I like how many special edition they're creating and releasing! One per moth is a minimum! Click on the pictures of products for enlargement! Do you like Essence?

štvrtok 2. februára 2012

Essence special effect topper on Astor - Frosted Lilac

Another combination with this amazing glitter top coat by Essence. I've done this manicure for my sister and I just used another polish as a base coat. I think it looks great too!

streda 1. februára 2012

It's purplicious

Hi guys! New nail polish is in my collection! It's well known glitter topcoat by Essence from their limited collection Add on magic! I used Catrice - 160 Sweets for my sweets as a base coat and then topper. So, enjoy my manicure and let me know how you like it! What base color do you recommend?