piatok 27. januára 2012

Trend I love: Sequins on everything

Hi! This post I wanted to post such a long time and finally I decided to do that. I fell in love with this trend just recently. I know that sequins are the main trend of last year. However, I also observed lots of thing with this amazing shimmery application in this spring collections in shops. Sequins are hot on dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, accessories, clutches, home decor or in manicure. I hope you will enjoy the picture and it will be great inspiration for you because I know that's not easy to wear them. The basic rule is "don't overdo that"!

picture sourse: weheartit.com, thelooksforless.com

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IVA K. povedal(a)...

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drinkcitra povedal(a)...

Yea! Sequins is great! I only have one sweated with it, but it adds a nice extra umph to your outfit :D

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