utorok 31. januára 2012

My jewellery storage and haul

Where? I store all of my favorite jewellery in my home-made boxes!  I transform an ordinary box to a beautiful unique storage! 
How? I just use wrapping sticker, scissors and box. I think the result is really amazing and I can decorate my room with them. You also can add some rhinestones, bow or another decoration to your box. I like it in this way. Wrapping paper is bought by my mum in Lidl on Christmas time (she thought it's ordinary wrapping paper).
Why? I like to keep and store my jewelry in safe, clean and protected place from the sun light, dust and dirt.
What? In bigger box I store earrings, rings, necklaces and hair accessories nicely on displey. Some of them which are more valuable I store in small bags. In smaller box I have my bracelets. Now, I want to show you my favorite pieces. I'm still working on increasing my collection :-D Let's enjoy!
Do you like this DIY tip? Do you like my jewelry collection? What kind of jewelry are you going to buy for spring or summer?

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Brittney (Precious Polish) povedal(a)...

Your storage boxes are wonderful! They look so nice and I love the shiny rainbow reflective paper <3 Your jewellery is lovely as well- I have a soft spot for rose and floral pieces :)

drinkcitra povedal(a)...

I love your storage boxes! Great DIY! The jewelry you have is beautiful. I really want to get some little rose stud earrings :D

Super cute super easy povedal(a)...

Thank you girls! I want rose earrings for a long time:)

Cervicka a Viva povedal(a)...

I really like your collection, nice stuff :)

Jeffry povedal(a)...

Awesome DIY tip! Boxes are one of the best homemade alternative storage for your jewelry. You can compartmentalize your boxes by placing partitions and dividing the spaces to contain different pieces. Your silver coated jewelry box complements the color of your jewelry collection. You have nice jewelry set. I love it! 

*Jeffry Pullam

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