utorok 24. januára 2012

Manufaktura Gingerbread Limited Edition&Dead Sea Tradition

Hi! I completely recommend you these two products bought by Manufaktura in my city.
The first is Regenerative hand cream from Dead Sea Tradition line. This body care line has a light fresh allergen-free scent and does not contain any coloring substances, it's suitable for sensitive skin. And I do have sensitive skin and also eczema on my hands, especially in winter!:-( The cream contains unique Dead Sea salt, shea butter with exceptional emollient and protective quality, nutritious and moisturizing grape oil, healing and calming panthenol, regenerative macadamia oil, softening kaolin and glycerine. The content of these precious natural ingredients deeply regenerates and moisturizes skin, and gives it intense care, elasticity and protection. Yes, it does! I really need products which are gently to my hands and provide the necessary care :-) I also use vaseline from the pharmacy. If you come across to any product which could heal eczema, please let me know! I'll appreciate it!
The second is Nourishing bath with almond oil, honey and gingerbread scent from their Gingerbread Limited Edition. It smells reeeally good! It reminds me our gingerbreads on Christmas, of course. I haven't used it yet but I look forward to using it so much! I looove this product!:-)
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drinkcitra povedal(a)...

I would love to hear about a product that heals eczema! These products seem great. I get eczema around my mouth and it gets really bad during the winter :/

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