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How to clean makeup brushes

Hello! I'm here with useful post about how to clean your makeup brushes.
I want to show you very cheap , super easy and really quick method which I prefer. There are also lots of another methods, some of them require expensive cleansers.
I personally clean all of my brushes once a week. And there is a legitimate question. How often should you clean them? I advise to clean foundation brushes every time you use them,  powder, blush and bronzer blushes minimum once a week. If you use eye shadows, you should clean your eyeshadow brushes every 2-3 days, depends on how often you do your eye makeup. Eyeliner brushes are needed to clean after every use especially if you use an eyeliner sealant.
Washing your makeup brushes regularly is extremely important because they are full of bacteria, dirt, oil and old makeup. If you suffer with acne, cleaning them every day is necessary!
Finally, you can check out my cleaning routine down below!

You will need: 

1. extra virgin olive oil - recondition for your brush
2. antibacterial soap - removes dirt and old, kills the bacteria
3. bowl or plate
4. paper or regular towel

Step by step tutorial:

 1. First of all you need to wet your brushes under warm water with the hairs pointing downwards. This will help prevent any water getting in to the part when hairs are coupled with metal part. Don't use very hot water. 
2. Prepare the bowl or a plate. There will be happening all over cleaning. Then you put a sufficient amount of extra virgin olive oil and antibacterial soap onto the bowl or plate.
3. Now, you can start cleaning with rounded motion. You can see how dirty the brush is. The foam you're making is full of pigments from the brush.
4. After that, wash the brush under warm water again. You can also reshape the brush at this point in time to prevent splaying.
5. All in all, let the brush dry on the paper towel or a regular towel. I prefer paper towel because it's more hygienic. Dry time will depend on size and brush density.
Now, your brush is completely disinfect and in good condition too because of using virgin olive oil!

How do you clean your brushes? How often? Do you like this post?

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drinkcitra povedal(a)...

I don't clean my brushes as often as I should, but when I do, I use this method. I love the EVOO because it really helps get all the product out of the brushes. I need to clean my brushes this weekend...

The Sneakerette povedal(a)...

nice tutorial! i personally just use my hands instead of a bowl/plate of some sort and wash with baby shampoo. i haven't had any problems with the bristles yet, but i'll definitely refer back to this post if i need to condition them!

babypanda povedal(a)...

Great post!! I need to start cleaning my brushes more often.... oh & btw I am passing the cute blog award to you :) http://thepolishedpanda.blogspot.com/2012/01/cute-blog-award.html

XoXo Veronika povedal(a)...

wow,lovely! :)

Super cute super easy povedal(a)...

Thank you very much girls!:)
drinkcitra: I like EVOO too! It's so useful we can say:D In kitchen, in cosmetics and so:)
The Sneakerette: I use my hand sometimes too!:D
babypanda: You should! Cleaning them regularly is soo important!

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