piatok 27. januára 2012

New in: gold & white top

 New piece in my closet is this amazing top with gold and white stripes! It is available also in blue/white or red/white combination. I've found so many beautiful things in New Yorker's springs collection, for example the blazers in white, black, minty, peachy, bright yellow, electric blue, navy or in red color! I can't choose one! I was so surprised by their new collection! What about you?

Trend I love: Sequins on everything

Hi! This post I wanted to post such a long time and finally I decided to do that. I fell in love with this trend just recently. I know that sequins are the main trend of last year. However, I also observed lots of thing with this amazing shimmery application in this spring collections in shops. Sequins are hot on dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, accessories, clutches, home decor or in manicure. I hope you will enjoy the picture and it will be great inspiration for you because I know that's not easy to wear them. The basic rule is "don't overdo that"!

utorok 24. januára 2012

Manufaktura Gingerbread Limited Edition&Dead Sea Tradition

Hi! I completely recommend you these two products bought by Manufaktura in my city.
The first is Regenerative hand cream from Dead Sea Tradition line. This body care line has a light fresh allergen-free scent and does not contain any coloring substances, it's suitable for sensitive skin. And I do have sensitive skin and also eczema on my hands, especially in winter!:-( The cream contains unique Dead Sea salt, shea butter with exceptional emollient and protective quality, nutritious and moisturizing grape oil, healing and calming panthenol, regenerative macadamia oil, softening kaolin and glycerine. The content of these precious natural ingredients deeply regenerates and moisturizes skin, and gives it intense care, elasticity and protection. Yes, it does! I really need products which are gently to my hands and provide the necessary care :-) I also use vaseline from the pharmacy. If you come across to any product which could heal eczema, please let me know! I'll appreciate it!
The second is Nourishing bath with almond oil, honey and gingerbread scent from their Gingerbread Limited Edition. It smells reeeally good! It reminds me our gingerbreads on Christmas, of course. I haven't used it yet but I look forward to using it so much! I looove this product!:-)
If you like Manufaktura, you could check my another post with their products here!

piatok 20. januára 2012

New in: Openwork knit sweater by Mango

Let me introduce you my new dark blue openwork knit sweater with a boat neck, raglan long sleeves and v-shape on the back with straps which I've bought in Mango. I like these details so much. The sweater is in large size but it fits me well and costs about 20€ (before sale 40€)! What do you think girls? For more pictures continue reading!

piatok 13. januára 2012

How to clean makeup brushes

Hello! I'm here with useful post about how to clean your makeup brushes.
I want to show you very cheap , super easy and really quick method which I prefer. There are also lots of another methods, some of them require expensive cleansers.
I personally clean all of my brushes once a week. And there is a legitimate question. How often should you clean them? I advise to clean foundation brushes every time you use them,  powder, blush and bronzer blushes minimum once a week. If you use eye shadows, you should clean your eyeshadow brushes every 2-3 days, depends on how often you do your eye makeup. Eyeliner brushes are needed to clean after every use especially if you use an eyeliner sealant.
Washing your makeup brushes regularly is extremely important because they are full of bacteria, dirt, oil and old makeup. If you suffer with acne, cleaning them every day is necessary!
Finally, you can check out my cleaning routine down below!

štvrtok 12. januára 2012

New in cosmetics: Garnier

Hello ladies! Today I will show you short reviews of my cosmetic newbies by Garnier! By the way,  I hope you like my latest post about my skin care products. Don't forget to follow me through BLOGLOVIN, if you don't want to miss my future posts! 

Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh Essentials  Makeup Remover
This is one of my the most favorite makeup removers which I've come across (I also really like Garnier makeup remover for dry skin with rose scent which I've received on Chrismas). The formula has been enriched with grape water. It's very refreshing on the skin, effective at removing make-up even waterproof, does not contain any alcohol - does not dry out skin and the texture of lotion is really light and non-greasy. I'm also the contact lenses wearer and I have sometimes very sensitive eyes and I must totally recommend it. I also like the fresh grape scent. Another big advantage is low price. It costs about 3-5 €. I've bought it at my drugstore (DM drogerie). 
Garnier Body Intensive Hydrating Lotion with Aloe Vera Extract for Normal Skin
Again, one of my favorites products for moisturizing my body skin. This lotion is powered by L-Bifidus and naturally-derived aloe vera extract, specifically chosen for the moisture needs of normal skin. Official text sounds: Its moisture-binding formulation provides hydration so intense you will still feel it for up to 7 days after the last application. However, I can't agree with this, you can't expect something like this from any lotion. I use it everyday after shower and I must recommend it. It's fresh, lightweight texture is non-greasy and fast-absorbing. I like the fresh scent so much! It costs about 6,5 €  at drugstores. 

streda 11. januára 2012

My skin care products

Hi there! Today I want to introduce you my skin care line by Herbalife. I use these products very often, some of them on daily basis. I'm not their distributor or affiliate or something like this. I said it because their products are sold exclusively through  independent distributors and are not available in stores (same system has Avon, Oriflame...) My mum has been buying their products for a year from her distributor. She believes in their quality and she thinks that they're healthier than drugstore products. They're also more expensive than drugstore products. Don't expect extensive reviews because I personally don't like reading one long article about one tiny thing. If you don't try out something, you won't know how it works on your skin. So, let's get started!

Continue reading!

utorok 10. januára 2012

Sequin manicure

Hello! Today my new manicure inspired by sequin clothes. I miss my long nails sooo much! I wanted to do nail tutorial but I feel horrible with these short nails. I can't help myself and I wish they would grow up faster. On the other hand I can wear darker polishes because I've been afraid of having dark long nails, I really don't like them dark and long. And this color look really fashionable and suitable for winter. Btw, do you like sequin clothes and this manicure, of course? Thanks for reading girls, stay tuned for my next post which will be mascara review! and please follow me through bloglovin!

sobota 7. januára 2012

Funky glitter

Another manicure done for my sister. These photos look horrible. It's much better. I used pink glitter stripes on her ring finger and Catrice - Sweets for my sweets pink nail polish. Topcoat for ring finger is must-have! 

piatok 6. januára 2012

New in my closet: Mango, Terranova haul

Hi girls! Yesterday it was a shopping day and I've bought these amazing things in sales!
I've got super cozy and warm dark grey (the real shade of color is something between the first and second photo) sweater from Terranova. It's little bit longer but I like this length in winter. It's extremely comfortable and I can wear it also with leggings because my bottom is covered. Looks much better on me!
Next thing are from Mango. It's been a big sale in this shop and I've found lots of cute things, for example warm sweaters, pullovers, tops, T-shirt and bags. Finally, I bought one T-shirt with feathers on shoulders and my sister's bought hot pink T-shirt with bows. I found it for her! I like the colors, especially the pastel one. It fits to my rose ring which I have showed you earlier!
Today I'm going to shop again in another shopping center. Cross your fingers for another great bargain!:D
What do you think about that purchases? Do you like them?

streda 4. januára 2012

New year - new nails

I've shortened my nails a little bit because some of them were broken. I hope it'll be great start to new year. I painted my nails with hot pink nail polish and used for my ring finger the purple glitter and star rhinestone. Do you like it?
I hope you have had great New Years Eve and I wish you happy new year 2012! Bye-bye!