streda 28. decembra 2011

Christmas gifts part 2 - Drugstore cosmetics

Maybelline the One by One Volum' Express Mascara - After a long time I've found a great mascara for my lashes. I'm completely satisfied. Super black and application is easy. I totally recommend it.

 Avon  superSHOCK MAX mascara - This mascara is not so good. I won't buy it any more. 

 Balea Shower Gel Guave - I think Balea has lots of shower gels with great scents. I like the Guave one!

 L'oréal Elseve nutri gloss Shampoo - My favorite shampoo. I use this one or Gliss Kur line by Schwarzkopf. It smells perfect.

L'oréal Elseve nutri gloss hair balm

Garnier mineral deodorant
Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Ultimate repair with liquid keratin complex - The perfect result is guaranteed. My hair looks shiny and healthy. It smells really good. I use it every time I wash my hair. Maybe, it very frequently, but I have long hair and they need that care.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Ultimate repair with liquid keratin complex - I need this product. I use it before combing my hair.

Garnier Essentials makeup remover - I have had good experience with makeup removers by Garnier - Essential line. I have sensitive skin around my eye zone and I'm also wearing contact lenses. And I'm satisfied with removers by Garnier and they're so cheap! The better remover I owned was by Mary Kay. This product is intended for sensitive and dry skin. I don't have dry skin but for winter I like to use that. I looove that rose scent!

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Anonymný povedal(a)...

odličovať od Garnier mám veľmi rada, teda jeden z mála, ktorý šetrí pleť a zároveň dobre odlíči :)

The Sneakerette povedal(a)...

maybelline one by one mascara is one of my favorites! i hope you like it just as much as i do (:

kiruthi ka povedal(a)...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!
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