streda 28. decembra 2011

Christmas gifts part 2 - Drugstore cosmetics

Maybelline the One by One Volum' Express Mascara - After a long time I've found a great mascara for my lashes. I'm completely satisfied. Super black and application is easy. I totally recommend it.

pondelok 26. decembra 2011

A sister is a forever friend

This is my sister's manicure which I've done for her. She has shorter nails than me but still great looking and in good condition too. Lots of people want me to paint their nails. I hope you wouldn't mind posts like this. 
Have you ever done manicure for someone else? Do you like that?
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nedeľa 25. decembra 2011

Christmas presents part 1 - Manufaktura

Today I want to show you the first part of my Christmas presents. This post contains products from Manufaktura. All of them are bought by my mother for me and my sister. 
If you're from Czech or Slovak republic you definitely have known this Czech company producing body products with natural ingredients. Their products are inspired by world-famous Czech spa tradition and also by traditional Czech products: beer, wine and Carlsbad thermal salt used in a different way - as cosmetic ingredients. The exceptional quality, original composition, favorable price and extraordinary design make their products truly unique, extraordinary and appreciated. What I like the most is the fact that Manufaktura is the first Czech company recognized with international certificate of HCS - Human Cosmetics Standard of not testing on animals. Have you heard about this company? Do you buy their products? Which ones? This cosmetics is new for me and I would really enjoy your experience or recommendations. Read more to see products!!

My Christmas manicure

Hi there!
Here is my version of Christmas manicure. Everything gold and shiny! Do you like that?

piatok 23. decembra 2011

Rose ring

Pink leopard

Hi everyone! How are you?
I'm fine, I'm enjoying my winter holidays and preparing for Christmas time!:-) Today I'm going to do ice skating! And what about you? 
Today's post is my current 6 days old manicure! Looks good I think.
So, I hope you will stay tuned and I promise more posts!
Thanks for reading! :-)

sobota 10. decembra 2011

Sweets for my sweets

Hi ladies!
This is a quick post of my current manicure. I've received a new pink nail polish by Catrice from my girlfriend. I applied two coats of this pink nail polish and added hot pink dots on my ring finger. And this is it!