štvrtok 10. novembra 2011

Step by step tutorial: French tips & leopard print

Apply clear base coat. Applying base coat you can prevent and protect your nails from yellowing or any other damage caused by colored nail polish. Base coat also provides a smooth surface for color. I always use base coat. Sometimes special base coats with proteins, vitamins or calcium. Let it dry for about 1 minute.
Paint your tips with french tip whitener or another white polish for french manicure. French tip whitener has a thinner brush. You can use nail tip stripes. I always paint my tips freehand. Follow the curve of your natural nail tip. Then paint the exposed nail with white. Let your nails dry for about 5 minutes.
Paint the entire length of your nails with a light pink or light white nail polish for french manicure. Two coats of this polish may be necessary. Apply them in several thin coats instead of thick ones. Then let your nail dry for about 5 minutes.
Paint leopard print with black polish. You can use art deco nail polish with thin brush. It can be easier to do this print with that. However, you can also use normal black polish, I used it too. Remember, this print hasn't to be perfect. Let it dry for about 3 minutes.
Paint leopard print with minty nail polish. You can also use any other color you want. Let it dry for about 10 minutes.
Paint the entire nails with top coat. Applying top coat you can protect your manicure from any damage and it will last longer too. Top coat also gives shiny gloss to your manicure. To extend the life of your french manicure and to keep your nails nice and looking well-groomed, you should apply an extra layer of top coat on your nails every day. I always use top coat! Let the whole manicure dry for about 10 minutes. However, the longer the better. Be careful the next hour.
Final result with clear cuticles.

Do you like this manicure or not? What do you think about this step by step tutorial? Let me know in comments! Thanks for reading! See you soon ladies!

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DutchNailpolish povedal(a)...

Thanks for the tutorial! your nails look very long with this nailart!

Jezika povedal(a)...

really cute design :)

Francesca Giusti povedal(a)...

love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

drinkcitra povedal(a)...

so pretty! your nails look so healthy and strong :)

Cookie povedal(a)...

ten jeden nechtik si si tam uzasne urobila! strasne sa mi to paci!

rips povedal(a)...

wow! and hey, i got challenged with one photo challenge and i decided to challenge you! text is in finnish at blog so i translated it: 1. Open the 4th file on your computer where you have your pictures. 2. Publish the 4th picture on your blog. 3. Explain the picture. 4. Challenge 4 bloggers to do the same :)

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