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How to do a pedicure

Hi guys! How are you?
Today I wanna show you how I do my pedicure routine and give you some useful tips about that! I know that during fall and winter time we show our toe nails very rarely. However, every woman should to have beautiful and healthy feet during the whole year. Regular pedicure routine prevents and protects from any diseases and injuries on your feet. So, let's get started! :-)

Step by step: 
1. Remove old nail polish! Use nail polish removers without acetone! Nail polish removers with acetone are terribly drying to your nails. In the picture below is my current remover acetone-free with biotin and agar oil. It's good to use ingredients like those because they're nourishing and strengthening to your nails. Any other information about removers you can find in my latest manicure care post here. I don't want to repeat what I've already mentioned.

2. Use emery board or nail file to shape and shorten your nails! Be very careful! Don't shorten your nails too much. It's dangerous to have very sharp edge close to the skin. You can cause injury to your toes - the nails can grow into the skin. It can be really painful. There are also some rules of filing nails. File your nails in one direction.
3. Do a foot bath! Always use warm water. It soothes and softens much better. You can add any essential oils you want to the bath and relax. Epsom salt will help you relax, soothes muscle pain and improves rough patches of skin - it’s also an emollient and exfoliator. Epsom salt will also help stop that wrinkling effect when you soak your feet for long periods. You need to use ½ cup to a cup and soak for about 10 minutes. Then dry your feet with towel.
4. Care about your cuticles! Use orange wood stick or another cuticle pusher! Push your cuticles back firmly but gently. This will help to remove dead skin and debris that may have accumulated.
5. Clean you feet! Wrap the tip of your cuticle stick or pusher with cotton to gently and carefully remove any dirt you see underneath your nails. Underneath nails is an excellent place for bacteria to hide. Don't skip this step! It's very important to clean this area.
6. Exfoliation!  There are two ways to exfoliate - chemically or mechanically. Chemically - you can make your own scrub from your home ingredients or you can buy the special products for foot scrub!
Mechanically - use foot files, loofah sponges, pumice stones or ped eggs. I often use foot file or ped egg. Be sure to scrub the heel and balls of the feet, sides of your heels and around your toes, basically anywhere there is rough, hard skin. Do it firmly but gently again. When you see blood, stop! You should be very careful! After this step you will have smooth and young feet! In the picture below is my ped egg. I completely recommend it. It has 135 micro-precision stainless steel files as the abrasives to remove calluses and dead skin.

7. Moisturize! Use foot moisturizer of your choice. Apply the moisturizer and massage your feet! To keep your feet hydrated, moisturize them before you go to bed. I really recommend ingredients like flax seed oil, vitamin E, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera, avocado, etc. In the summer, you can also use some feet anti-perspirants. They help to deodorize the feet and reduce perspiration. You can also use cooling feet gels. They're refrigerant and good for regeneration of your tired, burning and tingling feet and legs.

8. Apply nail polish! Dry your feet and make sure that your nails are free from any oil or moisturizerNow, you can apply base coat. Base coat protects the nail of yellowing. Then apply nail polish with color you want. The top coat will add a gloss shine and protective cover to your nails.

I hope you like this article, do you? Useful information or not? How does your pedicure look like? You can leave me any suggestions about my blog below in comments or you can write me an email! So, stay tuned for my next manicure post and subscribe if you've not! Thanks for reading and have a nice day! See you soon!

information source -  http://www.pedicuresandfootcare.com/how-to-do-a-pedicure.html

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