sobota 19. novembra 2011

Glitters in nude

Hi there! Today I want to share with you my current manicure. Nothing special - just nude and glitters. Sorry for the quality of these pictures. I've taken them with flash. It's a little bit foggy, cold and dark outside. This weather makes me really lazy! Do you like these nails? My boyfriend said that it looked like grandma style :-(

What I used:
  • nude nail polish (Rimmel - 362 Barely there)
  • glitter nail polish (Gabrini Elegant)

7 komentárov:

Frankenstyna povedal(a)...

I disagree with him! I have never seen a grandma wear glitter polish!

sahar awan povedal(a)...

this is lovely mani

babypanda povedal(a)...

Very classy!!

Super cute super easy povedal(a)...

Frankenstyna: :D:D:D That's right!
Thanks for your comments sweeties:)

The Sneakerette povedal(a)...

The glitters are really pretty! And I don't know of any guys that like nude polish colors lol.

missklara povedal(a)...

this is lovely :) but i do understand you, when i polish my nails in nude or beige, my boyfriend says it's horrible and granny-like :/

Super cute super easy povedal(a)...

I totally agree with you! Men don't know what's pretty:P Thanks for your comments! It's great to read the same experience:D:)

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