utorok 22. novembra 2011

Arrow manicure

Hello ladies! Today I wanna show you my next manicure! Here it is! I don't understand why the pictures look more blue-ish. I'm not a good photographer, please understand me! The color I used is pastel purple by Essence.  Enjoy this post and let me know how you like it!  

sobota 19. novembra 2011

Glitters in nude

Hi there! Today I want to share with you my current manicure. Nothing special - just nude and glitters. Sorry for the quality of these pictures. I've taken them with flash. It's a little bit foggy, cold and dark outside. This weather makes me really lazy! Do you like these nails? My boyfriend said that it looked like grandma style :-(

pondelok 7. novembra 2011

How to do a pedicure

Hi guys! How are you?
Today I wanna show you how I do my pedicure routine and give you some useful tips about that! I know that during fall and winter time we show our toe nails very rarely. However, every woman should to have beautiful and healthy feet during the whole year. Regular pedicure routine prevents and protects from any diseases and injuries on your feet. So, let's get started! :-)

Step by step: 
1. Remove old nail polish! Use nail polish removers without acetone! Nail polish removers with acetone are terribly drying to your nails. In the picture below is my current remover acetone-free with biotin and agar oil. It's good to use ingredients like those because they're nourishing and strengthening to your nails. Any other information about removers you can find in my latest manicure care post here. I don't want to repeat what I've already mentioned.