pondelok 24. októbra 2011

Newbies in my fall closet - Tally Weijl and Reshoes haul

Hi girls! I'm so sorry for my blogging absence but I've had so much to do and no inspiration to blog. I've been painting my nail again and again with hot pink and glitters as you could see as my latest manicure post. I really like this manicure! Don't you paint your nails again and again the same?
I also really glad that you like my recent nail care post (according to the statistics) It's been quite a long article.
What's new? I was shopping last weekend and I was searching for new jeggins, knit sweater and fall shoes. And here are the results! Skinny jeggins are from Tally Weijl, extremely comfortable, they're a little bit darker and I like these three gold buttons! They're in size 32! Knit sweater also from Tally Weijl, I like the fake fur, the material is extremely warm, thick and soft! Tally Weijl have lots of cute sweaters in their fall collection. I wanted to buy more but my wallet didn't think the same :-D I fell in love with fall collections! Finally, my new fall leather shoes! I love them! Super cute, super comfortable, super warm and soft! They're from brand Coolway. This brand is sold in Reshoes. Do you like them? Feel free to leave me comments and subscribe if you haven't yet!
Thanks for reading and see you soon! I'm preparing new posts for you! :-)


Tally Weijl
Tally Weijl

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Amber povedal(a)...

LOVE everything! I have been eyeing boots like that, they are a tad outside of my comfort zone, but I think they are really cute!

Super cute super easy povedal(a)...

Thaaanks! These heels are comfortable and I wear them every day:)

Victory S. povedal(a)...

Beautifful boots! :)


Super cute super easy povedal(a)...

Thanks for your comment!

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