nedeľa 2. októbra 2011

Pastel purple leopard

Hello ladies! I'm here after one week (long time, isn't it?)! I'm so sorry about it but I was going through really busy time. One of the reasons is that my school started and this school year is going to be really hard. Lots of studying!:-( However, I've been reading your comments, your blog posts, nothing has changed!
Moving on to my new blog post. This manicure I've got for some days. It's not today's result! I took these pictures earlier and I wanted to post it earlier but I didn't have enough time. I stayed by my boyfriend this weekend and we have wonderful time as always when we're together.
Back to my manicure, I tried to paint my nails in another leopard combination. I picked my favorite color - pastel purple and black nail polish. For my ring finger I used also white tip painter and the whole design is done freehand. No stamping used! For more pictures of this manicure, click on the button below and keep watching! What do you think about that?
And another question which is not answered yet - What kind of tutorial do you want to see first? Just write your suggestions! Today or tomorrow I want to do my first tutorial and I want to see your opinion before. So, let me know! Thanks for reading and see you soon!:-)

  What I used:
  • pastel purple nail polish (Essence - 72 Found My Love)
  • black nail polish (Essence - 20 Fatal)
  • white tip painter (Essence)
  • topcoat

5 komentárov:

paint that nail povedal(a)...

Cute!! Looking at your beautiful long nails I want my long nails back!! hahaa I cut them off once school started then once they grew back a little longer I cut them again and now I want them back!!:D

drinkcitra povedal(a)...

I love this! The pastel purple is a lovely color!

Super cute super easy povedal(a)...

paint that nail:Thanks for your comment! :) And I shortened them a little bit!:D Don't cut your nails them when you want them long!:D Did you shorten them because of school?:D Yeah, I understand that writing is not so comfortable with really long nails. Fortunately, I don't have to write anything or just little at my school. I've just got books, textbooks and so..:P:P:D
drinkcitra: Thank youu:) I totally agree with you!:D

Eileen povedal(a)...

Love it! The light purple is so cute <3

Super cute super easy povedal(a)...

Eileen: Thanks!!:)

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