pondelok 31. októbra 2011

DIY: Pink glitter nail polish

Hi girls! I'm back here with my second "Do It Yourself" nail polish. Last time when I did my own nail polish, I have read so many positive comments! :-) 
And when it's talking about that, I'm also very grateful for every new follower I've received! The number of followers is close to one hundred! I have never expected so many regular readers! One hundred is big milestone for me and I consider it as a big success! I really appreciate it! :-) Thank you soooo much, you're amaaaazing!:-) 
Moving on to my new post. I'm very excited about that! So, let's get started!
How did I create this home-made nail polish?
Firstly, I decided to use purple glitters which I have and use very rarely. It's not easy to remove them with nail polish remover! I hate removing them! So, I put some glitters in my another older clear top coat. It's a great and useful usage for older nail polish, I think. When the older nail polish is not enough liquid, add some drops of newer. Then shake it properly! I've taken a picture of final look of nail polish I've created. However, I painted my nails few hours later and the nail polish has changed color. Glitters became more pink-ish and clear topcoat became sweet pink. However, nothing bad has happened! I looove the final result, do you? That's the way how I did this. Very simple and easy!
And for my manicure, I firstly applied base coat, then I created my white french tips. By the way, do you want to see how I paint my tips? After that, I paint tips with created nail polish and add on two of my nails rhinestones. The color of french tips is more neon. I decided to use star rhinestones because I want it to look more feminine and cute.
What do you think about that? Have you ever do your own nail polish? I completely recommend you to try it! 
I hope you guys, you will enjoy my new DIY post and leave me your opinions!
Thanks for reading and watching! See you soon!:-)

pondelok 24. októbra 2011

Newbies in my fall closet - Tally Weijl and Reshoes haul

Hi girls! I'm so sorry for my blogging absence but I've had so much to do and no inspiration to blog. I've been painting my nail again and again with hot pink and glitters as you could see as my latest manicure post. I really like this manicure! Don't you paint your nails again and again the same?
I also really glad that you like my recent nail care post (according to the statistics) It's been quite a long article.
What's new? I was shopping last weekend and I was searching for new jeggins, knit sweater and fall shoes. And here are the results! Skinny jeggins are from Tally Weijl, extremely comfortable, they're a little bit darker and I like these three gold buttons! They're in size 32! Knit sweater also from Tally Weijl, I like the fake fur, the material is extremely warm, thick and soft! Tally Weijl have lots of cute sweaters in their fall collection. I wanted to buy more but my wallet didn't think the same :-D I fell in love with fall collections! Finally, my new fall leather shoes! I love them! Super cute, super comfortable, super warm and soft! They're from brand Coolway. This brand is sold in Reshoes. Do you like them? Feel free to leave me comments and subscribe if you haven't yet!
Thanks for reading and see you soon! I'm preparing new posts for you! :-)


pondelok 10. októbra 2011

How to have beautiful nails

I decided to write this article because I want to help those people who don't have beautiful long nails or have damaged and thin nails and want to have long ,strong and healthy nails. Not everybody can have long nails (because of job) but everybody can have healthy nails.
I've written some useful tips and facts which are known in general and I've also shared with you my personal experience. I'm really satisfied with appearance of my nails but it's not just gift from God. I've been caring of them all the time! It doesn't mean that I do manicure everyday! A lot of things you're doing through the day can be reflected on the health of your nails.
I wrote the similar post two months ago but it is more about my nail care routine which I do every time when I paint my nails. I hope you will enjoy this article, you can leave your opinions or another useful tips in comments! So, let's begin!

utorok 4. októbra 2011

Sexy neon pink

Hi girls! Yesterday I've bought three new nail polishes - one in neon pink, one in pastel sweet pink and one glitter topcoat. All for 3 Euros! What an amazing price! :-) The quality is quite good. I didn't have any  problem with application and the colors are beautiful and I hope they will last next few days. For this low price I couldn't expect the same quality as China Glaze or O.P.I. nail polishes. I'm adding the pictures of polishes and my quick french manicure done with neon pink and glitter topcoat.
What do you think about that? Do you like it? Do you prefer classic white french manicure or do you like colored tips too? I like it sooo much. Don't they look like gel nails?:-D It's so beautiful and sexy at the same time. And I'm also the big fan of pink. I'm looking forward to next manicure done with glitter topcoat!:-) I already have some ideas!:-D So, stay tuned!
Thanks for reading and watching! For more pictures, don't forget to click on Read more!

nedeľa 2. októbra 2011

Pastel purple leopard

Hello ladies! I'm here after one week (long time, isn't it?)! I'm so sorry about it but I was going through really busy time. One of the reasons is that my school started and this school year is going to be really hard. Lots of studying!:-( However, I've been reading your comments, your blog posts, nothing has changed!
Moving on to my new blog post. This manicure I've got for some days. It's not today's result! I took these pictures earlier and I wanted to post it earlier but I didn't have enough time. I stayed by my boyfriend this weekend and we have wonderful time as always when we're together.
Back to my manicure, I tried to paint my nails in another leopard combination. I picked my favorite color - pastel purple and black nail polish. For my ring finger I used also white tip painter and the whole design is done freehand. No stamping used! For more pictures of this manicure, click on the button below and keep watching! What do you think about that?
And another question which is not answered yet - What kind of tutorial do you want to see first? Just write your suggestions! Today or tomorrow I want to do my first tutorial and I want to see your opinion before. So, let me know! Thanks for reading and see you soon!:-)