streda 31. augusta 2011

DIY: My own nail polish with turquoise glitter

Hi guys! I think that every blogger posting about nails, nail polishes and manicures have ever thought about having own nail polish collection. Just imagine having your own nail polishes named after you. What a wonderful idea! This dream comes true to only few people in the world.
Recently I heard about my favorite beauty guru on youtube JulieG713. Do you know about her channel? She's been given an opportunity to create her own nail polish collection by Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. She created eight amazing colors with her own special names. One nail polish is called "Fashion Friday" like her regular Friday post! She's lucky girl but it's well deserved!
And what about us, ordinary bloggers?:-D Today I was thinking about one crazy idea! Create my own nail polish with my own ingredients. The result? Nail polish with turquoise glitter. I used older top coat, turquoise glitter and old blue eye shadow palette. And for this manicure I also used one coat of white nail polish. I don't use these things for a long time. I think it's great and practical usage for old stuff. What do you think about it? For watching my new experiment scroll down please! :-D

piatok 26. augusta 2011

Perfumes haul

Hello ladies! How are you?Today I've prepared for you - my and my sister's perfumes haul. We are sharing together lots of perfumes except those which I've received from my boyfriend! We want to buy new one, something fruity, refreshing and suitable for daily wear. Enjoy our haul and please let me know what's your favorite perfume or what perfume you recommend me!  Read more!!!

Lanvin - Rumeur 2 Rose 

pondelok 22. augusta 2011

Pink power

For more pink photos continue reading! Click on "Read more" and enjoy girly pink nails! I love them!<3

utorok 16. augusta 2011

Nude leopard nails

Yes, I admit I'm completely obsessed with leopard print! Here's my new leopard manicure. Enjoy! I swear my new mani will be something new and special at my blog :-)

utorok 9. augusta 2011

My lovely newbies - Tally Weijl, Terranova and Peacocks haul

Hello! Today I want to share with you my new stuff in my closet. I'm really proud of them:D First thing is my new necklace which I've bought in Peacocks. I didn't hesitate because of big jewellery sale. It cost 2,50 euro!  It's a pity that my camera completely didn't show colorful shine from this cute bow. It's much more beautiful like at the pictures! I love bows on nails of course and on necklace, too! Here you can see my another bow necklace! The next thing is my super cute top! I like color combination! I'm totally obsessed with pink and ruffles on the sleeves! Adorable! I've got also another striped top and one brown top. Striped top is a new fall collection by Tally Weijl. I don't want fall! I also posted stuff that I've bought in Egypt. I know that lots of things I've showed are not avaliable in  your country but let's take inspiration!
I hope you'll enjoy this special haul and please stay tuned for my next super cute polish post! Feel free to leave me comments, I read every single comment and I'm here to reply! See you soon!

necklace - Peacocks

Polka dots

Hello ladies! This will be quick post of my new nails. Nothing special, just simple polka dots design! I promise next post will be something super cute!:-D All in all, I want say thank you for all of your comments and new subscribers! All is really appreciated! :-)

piatok 5. augusta 2011

Butterflies on my Mellow Yellow nails

Hello ladies! Today I decided to do some simple stamping nail art. I used my basic Konad stamping kit. I've just one stamping plate! I must buy another immediately! Back to my new post, I picked yellow because I think it can look good with black butterflies. I added blue rhinestones and I must say butterflies look great with them. I hope you'll enjoy this manicure and please stay tuned! :-)

streda 3. augusta 2011

Funky leopard nails

I did this manicure because I love leopard print and my last leopard nails have been really popular (lots of positive comments!!!). Thanks for commenting!:) I decided to do leopard in funky color combination. It's perfect for summer and you can pick every color you want. All of polishes that I used are from Essence and  it's free hand again, of course. Do you like it?