štvrtok 14. júla 2011

Holographic and glitter

I  don't know how I can describe this color. It's very strange gold metallic or it's very strange gold holographic? On sunlight I think it's very beautiful holographic. These pictures I've taken in my room in the morning. I didn't use flash. On my ring-finger I've used pink striped glitters. Decorating ring-finger is one of the new trends I like the most. It's pleasant revival of every simple design.

What I used:
  • S-he - 433
  •  glitter

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SILVANA povedal(a)...

I subscribed in your blog.
I hope that you will be my follower too ;)


necessary★nails povedal(a)...

Love that polish! Do you know if that's available online or anything? Perhaps maybe we can arrange a swap? :D

Super cute super easy povedal(a)...

necessary★nails: S-he nail polishes are sold in DM drogerie, I don't know if DM drogerie is in USA (I'm from EU) :D And this nail polish is from old collection. Today S-he stylezone has completely new collection with new design and I think that nail polish is not produced :(
Here is their website with new collection http://www.s-he.at/en/products/nails/

tasha~ povedal(a)...

Very pretty! The white polish reminds me of Chanel Pearl Drop a little :)

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