piatok 29. júla 2011

Minty leopard nails

Because I like minty polishes and leopard print. I didn't use any stamping tools for leopard print. It's free-hand. I only used black nail polish with normal brush and white tip painter with special thin brush. It can be difficult and for someone really time-consuming. However, after a few times of doing it, you have done this whole design in 20 minutes. Good luck!

pondelok 25. júla 2011

Rainbow nails


Hi everybody! How are you? I'm back after a long time of non-posting!  I'm full of positive energy, full of new ideas, full of new experience. I was one week on vacation in Egypt with my family and family's friends. It was absolutely amazing! I'm preparing post for you to see some photos from there. Now you can enjoy this rainbow manicure. Colored, funny and perfect for summer. You can choose any color you want to do this.

štvrtok 14. júla 2011

Holographic and glitter

I  don't know how I can describe this color. It's very strange gold metallic or it's very strange gold holographic? On sunlight I think it's very beautiful holographic. These pictures I've taken in my room in the morning. I didn't use flash. On my ring-finger I've used pink striped glitters. Decorating ring-finger is one of the new trends I like the most. It's pleasant revival of every simple design.

pondelok 11. júla 2011

Become a beach princess! - Gate, Terranova, Tally Weijl, New Yorker, Orsay, Peacocks and H&M haul

After a long time of thinking about this, I decided to show you guys a special post. Not just nail polishes, nail designs. Me and my family are preparing for summer vacation and I'm really looking forward to it - sun, beach, sea, pools, swimming, cocktails!
Here are some of my beach stuff - random photos of my new swimsuit, flip flops, my sunglasses, hats, bracelets, earrings, shorts, sun protect lotion, etc...
I don't wear so much accessories when I go swimming, but when you want to "become a beach princess" or just feel great, take them. Suitable are plastic accessories. Another jewellery keep away from water when you don't want to damage it.
Flip flops - very comfortable, very cheap, I can't imagine summer without them. Sun protecting lotions, sunglasses and hat - must-haves in summer, especially by the sea or pools.
Shorts and T-shirts are good when you go to the seaside and you're too shy to go just in bikini, but also when the seaside, pool or aqua park is in larger distance from your hotel. Who likes staring people?
My swimsuit. I always have multi-colored bikini and this year I decided to buy this pastel pink ones with gold something in the middle. I like the girly skirt on the bottom and ruffles on the top. I've read that this cut or type of swimsuit is perfect when you have not so big breast and your hips are slim. And this color? I think it'll look great with suntanned skin. We'll see.
When you're asking "where is her beach bag?", my answer is "I must buy something!".
What you think about this special post? Do you like it? Have a nice beautiful sunny day!

 hat - Gate
 earrings - New Yorker

Very Berry

I want to introduce you my new nail polish with nice name - Very Berry by Essence. I fell in love with that color in the drugstore. I like also application and it's quite a good value. It isn't exactly the same color like in the picture, it's a little bit darker like my new baby orchid (check the photo below)!

utorok 5. júla 2011

Minty dots

I finally bought minty nail polish yesterday. It's Essence colour&go - "53 You belong to me" and I have here two coats. Super cute, super cheap and I've made this super easy nail design! Dots forever!

pondelok 4. júla 2011

Nude nails by Rimmel London

In spring I was obsessed with nude and pastel colors. I bought this Rimmel - "362 Barely There" Lycra Pro nail polish. And today I paint my nails after a long time with this color. I think it'll look amazing after vacation by the sea because it's just a little bit dark for me. What I love on this product is a maxi brush. Some people hate it, but I love this brush. In the pictures I have three coats of nail polish.