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Butterfly stamping nail art tutorial

For this design I used a mini stamping kit - Konad Stamping Nail Art. The kit contains one white nail polish, one image plate, a scraper and a stamp. I also used purple rhinestones for butterflies because it looks better and more sophisticated with them. You must pay attention to details as sometimes it's the small details which can make a huge difference. All in all, stamping is very easy and it looks beautiful! You can find lots of stamping tutorials on youtube.

Stamping - step by step:
  1. Paint the pattern (on image plate) you like with nail polish (color you want).
  2. Use a scraper to clean the image plate - scrape excessive nail polish off.
  3. Immediately use the stamper QUICKLY and STRONGLY. Press the stamp with a gentle rolling motion to pick up the design. The image is transferred on the stamp.
  4. Then stamp it on your nail carefully, SLOWLY with a gentle rolling motion. The image is transferred on your nail. 
  5. For lasting wear apply after 5 minutes top coat.
Do all steps as quickly as possible!!!
After each image clean stamp, scraper and plate with nail polish remover. 

For more information about Konad Stamping Nail Art click HERE.

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