pondelok 27. júna 2011

Butterfly stamping nail art tutorial

For this design I used a mini stamping kit - Konad Stamping Nail Art. The kit contains one white nail polish, one image plate, a scraper and a stamp. I also used purple rhinestones for butterflies because it looks better and more sophisticated with them. You must pay attention to details as sometimes it's the small details which can make a huge difference. All in all, stamping is very easy and it looks beautiful! You can find lots of stamping tutorials on youtube.

Stamping - step by step:
  1. Paint the pattern (on image plate) you like with nail polish (color you want).
  2. Use a scraper to clean the image plate - scrape excessive nail polish off.
  3. Immediately use the stamper QUICKLY and STRONGLY. Press the stamp with a gentle rolling motion to pick up the design. The image is transferred on the stamp.
  4. Then stamp it on your nail carefully, SLOWLY with a gentle rolling motion. The image is transferred on your nail. 
  5. For lasting wear apply after 5 minutes top coat.
Do all steps as quickly as possible!!!
After each image clean stamp, scraper and plate with nail polish remover. 

"Basic" french manicure

My favorite nail design is french manicure because I can wear it with everything. It matches with every color of clothes and it's very elegant. The nails look natural but glamorous :-) Check the photos below!

sobota 25. júna 2011

French manicure with silver glitter line and rhinestones tutorial

Here is my old french manicure (one year ago!). I like the silver glitter line and purple star rhinestones. However the middle finger is too much I think now. 
Anyways, decorating the nails with rhinestones is easy and there are lots of different colors and shapes. This design lasted for about 5 or 6 days. I've never use a glue for rhinestones and I've never have problem with them. My "secret" is pushing them carefully and strongly to my nail and then applying top coat.

Decorating nails with rhinestones - step by step:
  1. Apply a dab of clear nail polish to place where you want have rhinestone.
  2. Pick the rhinestone up with wood stick or toothpick.
  3. Apply it on desired point on your nail to the place with clear nail polish.
  4. Push it carefully and strongly to your nail and apply top coat for long lasting wear. 

Barbie pink nails

I really want barbie pink nails after I've seen Nicki Minaj in her video clip Super Bass! I bought very cheap pink S-he nail polish in DM drogerie two weeks ago. It's a very cute pink color but I had to use three or four coats! After three times I've paint my nails, the half of nail polish is gone! :( I must find and try another barbie pink one in our drugstore. I looove pink nails! Check the photos below. It's S-he - aqua shine 020. 

piatok 24. júna 2011

My FIRST leopard nails inspired by TALLY WEiJL swimwear

My nail design is in pink-white-black color because I don't have turquoise nail polish. However, I'm so excited to buy it and do the same design as Tally Weijl! I think it's perfect design for summer. Colorful and one of my favorites!