streda 28. decembra 2011

Christmas gifts part 2 - Drugstore cosmetics

Maybelline the One by One Volum' Express Mascara - After a long time I've found a great mascara for my lashes. I'm completely satisfied. Super black and application is easy. I totally recommend it.

pondelok 26. decembra 2011

A sister is a forever friend

This is my sister's manicure which I've done for her. She has shorter nails than me but still great looking and in good condition too. Lots of people want me to paint their nails. I hope you wouldn't mind posts like this. 
Have you ever done manicure for someone else? Do you like that?
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nedeľa 25. decembra 2011

Christmas presents part 1 - Manufaktura

Today I want to show you the first part of my Christmas presents. This post contains products from Manufaktura. All of them are bought by my mother for me and my sister. 
If you're from Czech or Slovak republic you definitely have known this Czech company producing body products with natural ingredients. Their products are inspired by world-famous Czech spa tradition and also by traditional Czech products: beer, wine and Carlsbad thermal salt used in a different way - as cosmetic ingredients. The exceptional quality, original composition, favorable price and extraordinary design make their products truly unique, extraordinary and appreciated. What I like the most is the fact that Manufaktura is the first Czech company recognized with international certificate of HCS - Human Cosmetics Standard of not testing on animals. Have you heard about this company? Do you buy their products? Which ones? This cosmetics is new for me and I would really enjoy your experience or recommendations. Read more to see products!!

My Christmas manicure

Hi there!
Here is my version of Christmas manicure. Everything gold and shiny! Do you like that?

piatok 23. decembra 2011

Rose ring

Pink leopard

Hi everyone! How are you?
I'm fine, I'm enjoying my winter holidays and preparing for Christmas time!:-) Today I'm going to do ice skating! And what about you? 
Today's post is my current 6 days old manicure! Looks good I think.
So, I hope you will stay tuned and I promise more posts!
Thanks for reading! :-)

sobota 10. decembra 2011

Sweets for my sweets

Hi ladies!
This is a quick post of my current manicure. I've received a new pink nail polish by Catrice from my girlfriend. I applied two coats of this pink nail polish and added hot pink dots on my ring finger. And this is it!

utorok 22. novembra 2011

Arrow manicure

Hello ladies! Today I wanna show you my next manicure! Here it is! I don't understand why the pictures look more blue-ish. I'm not a good photographer, please understand me! The color I used is pastel purple by Essence.  Enjoy this post and let me know how you like it!  

sobota 19. novembra 2011

Glitters in nude

Hi there! Today I want to share with you my current manicure. Nothing special - just nude and glitters. Sorry for the quality of these pictures. I've taken them with flash. It's a little bit foggy, cold and dark outside. This weather makes me really lazy! Do you like these nails? My boyfriend said that it looked like grandma style :-(

pondelok 7. novembra 2011

How to do a pedicure

Hi guys! How are you?
Today I wanna show you how I do my pedicure routine and give you some useful tips about that! I know that during fall and winter time we show our toe nails very rarely. However, every woman should to have beautiful and healthy feet during the whole year. Regular pedicure routine prevents and protects from any diseases and injuries on your feet. So, let's get started! :-)

Step by step: 
1. Remove old nail polish! Use nail polish removers without acetone! Nail polish removers with acetone are terribly drying to your nails. In the picture below is my current remover acetone-free with biotin and agar oil. It's good to use ingredients like those because they're nourishing and strengthening to your nails. Any other information about removers you can find in my latest manicure care post here. I don't want to repeat what I've already mentioned.

pondelok 31. októbra 2011

DIY: Pink glitter nail polish

Hi girls! I'm back here with my second "Do It Yourself" nail polish. Last time when I did my own nail polish, I have read so many positive comments! :-) 
And when it's talking about that, I'm also very grateful for every new follower I've received! The number of followers is close to one hundred! I have never expected so many regular readers! One hundred is big milestone for me and I consider it as a big success! I really appreciate it! :-) Thank you soooo much, you're amaaaazing!:-) 
Moving on to my new post. I'm very excited about that! So, let's get started!
How did I create this home-made nail polish?
Firstly, I decided to use purple glitters which I have and use very rarely. It's not easy to remove them with nail polish remover! I hate removing them! So, I put some glitters in my another older clear top coat. It's a great and useful usage for older nail polish, I think. When the older nail polish is not enough liquid, add some drops of newer. Then shake it properly! I've taken a picture of final look of nail polish I've created. However, I painted my nails few hours later and the nail polish has changed color. Glitters became more pink-ish and clear topcoat became sweet pink. However, nothing bad has happened! I looove the final result, do you? That's the way how I did this. Very simple and easy!
And for my manicure, I firstly applied base coat, then I created my white french tips. By the way, do you want to see how I paint my tips? After that, I paint tips with created nail polish and add on two of my nails rhinestones. The color of french tips is more neon. I decided to use star rhinestones because I want it to look more feminine and cute.
What do you think about that? Have you ever do your own nail polish? I completely recommend you to try it! 
I hope you guys, you will enjoy my new DIY post and leave me your opinions!
Thanks for reading and watching! See you soon!:-)

pondelok 24. októbra 2011

Newbies in my fall closet - Tally Weijl and Reshoes haul

Hi girls! I'm so sorry for my blogging absence but I've had so much to do and no inspiration to blog. I've been painting my nail again and again with hot pink and glitters as you could see as my latest manicure post. I really like this manicure! Don't you paint your nails again and again the same?
I also really glad that you like my recent nail care post (according to the statistics) It's been quite a long article.
What's new? I was shopping last weekend and I was searching for new jeggins, knit sweater and fall shoes. And here are the results! Skinny jeggins are from Tally Weijl, extremely comfortable, they're a little bit darker and I like these three gold buttons! They're in size 32! Knit sweater also from Tally Weijl, I like the fake fur, the material is extremely warm, thick and soft! Tally Weijl have lots of cute sweaters in their fall collection. I wanted to buy more but my wallet didn't think the same :-D I fell in love with fall collections! Finally, my new fall leather shoes! I love them! Super cute, super comfortable, super warm and soft! They're from brand Coolway. This brand is sold in Reshoes. Do you like them? Feel free to leave me comments and subscribe if you haven't yet!
Thanks for reading and see you soon! I'm preparing new posts for you! :-)


pondelok 10. októbra 2011

How to have beautiful nails

I decided to write this article because I want to help those people who don't have beautiful long nails or have damaged and thin nails and want to have long ,strong and healthy nails. Not everybody can have long nails (because of job) but everybody can have healthy nails.
I've written some useful tips and facts which are known in general and I've also shared with you my personal experience. I'm really satisfied with appearance of my nails but it's not just gift from God. I've been caring of them all the time! It doesn't mean that I do manicure everyday! A lot of things you're doing through the day can be reflected on the health of your nails.
I wrote the similar post two months ago but it is more about my nail care routine which I do every time when I paint my nails. I hope you will enjoy this article, you can leave your opinions or another useful tips in comments! So, let's begin!

utorok 4. októbra 2011

Sexy neon pink

Hi girls! Yesterday I've bought three new nail polishes - one in neon pink, one in pastel sweet pink and one glitter topcoat. All for 3 Euros! What an amazing price! :-) The quality is quite good. I didn't have any  problem with application and the colors are beautiful and I hope they will last next few days. For this low price I couldn't expect the same quality as China Glaze or O.P.I. nail polishes. I'm adding the pictures of polishes and my quick french manicure done with neon pink and glitter topcoat.
What do you think about that? Do you like it? Do you prefer classic white french manicure or do you like colored tips too? I like it sooo much. Don't they look like gel nails?:-D It's so beautiful and sexy at the same time. And I'm also the big fan of pink. I'm looking forward to next manicure done with glitter topcoat!:-) I already have some ideas!:-D So, stay tuned!
Thanks for reading and watching! For more pictures, don't forget to click on Read more!

nedeľa 2. októbra 2011

Pastel purple leopard

Hello ladies! I'm here after one week (long time, isn't it?)! I'm so sorry about it but I was going through really busy time. One of the reasons is that my school started and this school year is going to be really hard. Lots of studying!:-( However, I've been reading your comments, your blog posts, nothing has changed!
Moving on to my new blog post. This manicure I've got for some days. It's not today's result! I took these pictures earlier and I wanted to post it earlier but I didn't have enough time. I stayed by my boyfriend this weekend and we have wonderful time as always when we're together.
Back to my manicure, I tried to paint my nails in another leopard combination. I picked my favorite color - pastel purple and black nail polish. For my ring finger I used also white tip painter and the whole design is done freehand. No stamping used! For more pictures of this manicure, click on the button below and keep watching! What do you think about that?
And another question which is not answered yet - What kind of tutorial do you want to see first? Just write your suggestions! Today or tomorrow I want to do my first tutorial and I want to see your opinion before. So, let me know! Thanks for reading and see you soon!:-)

nedeľa 25. septembra 2011

Like a lollipop

Today's manicure is here! Nothing special, it looks like my latest manicure. Just stripes and one rhinestone on my middle finger. The color combination reminds lollipop, doesn't it? However, if you like striped manicure, you can use any color you want. It's fun to see how the different colors match together.
By the way, I want to start doing tutorials! Feel free to leave me your suggestions! What kind of tutorial do you want to see first? It's all up to you then don't hesitate and reply! :-)

nedeľa 18. septembra 2011

Striped nails

Hi guys! I decided to do striped nails with my new nail polish Max Factor - 900 Ruby Fruit and older one Essence - 41 Very Berry. I wanted to try Ruby Fruit but I don't like dark long nails so I've done this compromise! I'm really afraid of dark long manicures. What do you think about that? It reminds me something but I don't know what. Maybe some clothes or stuff from Roxy. I must search it!Thanks for reading and I hope you will enjoy this manicure and let me know if you like it!

nedeľa 11. septembra 2011

Butterflies stamping&pastel purple french mani

Hello ladies! For today's manicure I used my current the most favorite color "Found my love" by Essence for frenchie. I also like original white french manicure but another color combination is really cute too! Then I decided to stamp butterflies with my basic Konad stamping plate which I've had for a long time. If you're a newbie in stamping, you can check my older post about how I do stamping and read some useful tips! However, I think you're all really experienced in it, more than I am:-D
After that, I added dark purple teardrop rhinestones to the middle of butterflies. Again, If you don't know how to add rhinestones, you can check my older post about how I add rhinestones! I don't use any glue for adding, just clear nail polish! All in all, every rhinestones I add is not easy to remove when I'm using nail polish remover. And that's what we want!
I did the same manicure to my sister! She's got shorter nails than I and it looks as amazing as mine! She was sooo happy when she saw final look of her butterflies nails:-D I'm great older sister:-D
What do you think about this manicure? I need to hear your feedback! I know that it's again pastel purple but I can't help myself. It's such a great color:-)
Don't forget to vote in my poll on the left side and have a nice day!

pondelok 5. septembra 2011

Pastel purple french manicure

Yesterday was shopping day! I've bought these pastels! I love pastel nail polishes, they're so feminine! 


piatok 2. septembra 2011

Turquoise dots with minty

The day before yesterday I've  created my own nail polish with turquoise glitter and I've done DIY post about it. Today I've realized to do some polka dots nails with that nail polish! With my favorite minty nail polish (Essence - 53 You belong to me) reminds me minty cupcakes! I can't stop looking at these cupcakes pictures! They are sooo cute! Yummiii!:-)

streda 31. augusta 2011

DIY: My own nail polish with turquoise glitter

Hi guys! I think that every blogger posting about nails, nail polishes and manicures have ever thought about having own nail polish collection. Just imagine having your own nail polishes named after you. What a wonderful idea! This dream comes true to only few people in the world.
Recently I heard about my favorite beauty guru on youtube JulieG713. Do you know about her channel? She's been given an opportunity to create her own nail polish collection by Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. She created eight amazing colors with her own special names. One nail polish is called "Fashion Friday" like her regular Friday post! She's lucky girl but it's well deserved!
And what about us, ordinary bloggers?:-D Today I was thinking about one crazy idea! Create my own nail polish with my own ingredients. The result? Nail polish with turquoise glitter. I used older top coat, turquoise glitter and old blue eye shadow palette. And for this manicure I also used one coat of white nail polish. I don't use these things for a long time. I think it's great and practical usage for old stuff. What do you think about it? For watching my new experiment scroll down please! :-D

piatok 26. augusta 2011

Perfumes haul

Hello ladies! How are you?Today I've prepared for you - my and my sister's perfumes haul. We are sharing together lots of perfumes except those which I've received from my boyfriend! We want to buy new one, something fruity, refreshing and suitable for daily wear. Enjoy our haul and please let me know what's your favorite perfume or what perfume you recommend me!  Read more!!!

Lanvin - Rumeur 2 Rose 

pondelok 22. augusta 2011

Pink power

For more pink photos continue reading! Click on "Read more" and enjoy girly pink nails! I love them!<3

utorok 16. augusta 2011

Nude leopard nails

Yes, I admit I'm completely obsessed with leopard print! Here's my new leopard manicure. Enjoy! I swear my new mani will be something new and special at my blog :-)

utorok 9. augusta 2011

My lovely newbies - Tally Weijl, Terranova and Peacocks haul

Hello! Today I want to share with you my new stuff in my closet. I'm really proud of them:D First thing is my new necklace which I've bought in Peacocks. I didn't hesitate because of big jewellery sale. It cost 2,50 euro!  It's a pity that my camera completely didn't show colorful shine from this cute bow. It's much more beautiful like at the pictures! I love bows on nails of course and on necklace, too! Here you can see my another bow necklace! The next thing is my super cute top! I like color combination! I'm totally obsessed with pink and ruffles on the sleeves! Adorable! I've got also another striped top and one brown top. Striped top is a new fall collection by Tally Weijl. I don't want fall! I also posted stuff that I've bought in Egypt. I know that lots of things I've showed are not avaliable in  your country but let's take inspiration!
I hope you'll enjoy this special haul and please stay tuned for my next super cute polish post! Feel free to leave me comments, I read every single comment and I'm here to reply! See you soon!

necklace - Peacocks

Polka dots

Hello ladies! This will be quick post of my new nails. Nothing special, just simple polka dots design! I promise next post will be something super cute!:-D All in all, I want say thank you for all of your comments and new subscribers! All is really appreciated! :-)

piatok 5. augusta 2011

Butterflies on my Mellow Yellow nails

Hello ladies! Today I decided to do some simple stamping nail art. I used my basic Konad stamping kit. I've just one stamping plate! I must buy another immediately! Back to my new post, I picked yellow because I think it can look good with black butterflies. I added blue rhinestones and I must say butterflies look great with them. I hope you'll enjoy this manicure and please stay tuned! :-)

streda 3. augusta 2011

Funky leopard nails

I did this manicure because I love leopard print and my last leopard nails have been really popular (lots of positive comments!!!). Thanks for commenting!:) I decided to do leopard in funky color combination. It's perfect for summer and you can pick every color you want. All of polishes that I used are from Essence and  it's free hand again, of course. Do you like it?

piatok 29. júla 2011

Minty leopard nails

Because I like minty polishes and leopard print. I didn't use any stamping tools for leopard print. It's free-hand. I only used black nail polish with normal brush and white tip painter with special thin brush. It can be difficult and for someone really time-consuming. However, after a few times of doing it, you have done this whole design in 20 minutes. Good luck!

pondelok 25. júla 2011

Rainbow nails


Hi everybody! How are you? I'm back after a long time of non-posting!  I'm full of positive energy, full of new ideas, full of new experience. I was one week on vacation in Egypt with my family and family's friends. It was absolutely amazing! I'm preparing post for you to see some photos from there. Now you can enjoy this rainbow manicure. Colored, funny and perfect for summer. You can choose any color you want to do this.

štvrtok 14. júla 2011

Holographic and glitter

I  don't know how I can describe this color. It's very strange gold metallic or it's very strange gold holographic? On sunlight I think it's very beautiful holographic. These pictures I've taken in my room in the morning. I didn't use flash. On my ring-finger I've used pink striped glitters. Decorating ring-finger is one of the new trends I like the most. It's pleasant revival of every simple design.

pondelok 11. júla 2011

Become a beach princess! - Gate, Terranova, Tally Weijl, New Yorker, Orsay, Peacocks and H&M haul

After a long time of thinking about this, I decided to show you guys a special post. Not just nail polishes, nail designs. Me and my family are preparing for summer vacation and I'm really looking forward to it - sun, beach, sea, pools, swimming, cocktails!
Here are some of my beach stuff - random photos of my new swimsuit, flip flops, my sunglasses, hats, bracelets, earrings, shorts, sun protect lotion, etc...
I don't wear so much accessories when I go swimming, but when you want to "become a beach princess" or just feel great, take them. Suitable are plastic accessories. Another jewellery keep away from water when you don't want to damage it.
Flip flops - very comfortable, very cheap, I can't imagine summer without them. Sun protecting lotions, sunglasses and hat - must-haves in summer, especially by the sea or pools.
Shorts and T-shirts are good when you go to the seaside and you're too shy to go just in bikini, but also when the seaside, pool or aqua park is in larger distance from your hotel. Who likes staring people?
My swimsuit. I always have multi-colored bikini and this year I decided to buy this pastel pink ones with gold something in the middle. I like the girly skirt on the bottom and ruffles on the top. I've read that this cut or type of swimsuit is perfect when you have not so big breast and your hips are slim. And this color? I think it'll look great with suntanned skin. We'll see.
When you're asking "where is her beach bag?", my answer is "I must buy something!".
What you think about this special post? Do you like it? Have a nice beautiful sunny day!

 hat - Gate
 earrings - New Yorker

Very Berry

I want to introduce you my new nail polish with nice name - Very Berry by Essence. I fell in love with that color in the drugstore. I like also application and it's quite a good value. It isn't exactly the same color like in the picture, it's a little bit darker like my new baby orchid (check the photo below)!

utorok 5. júla 2011

Minty dots

I finally bought minty nail polish yesterday. It's Essence colour&go - "53 You belong to me" and I have here two coats. Super cute, super cheap and I've made this super easy nail design! Dots forever!

pondelok 4. júla 2011

Nude nails by Rimmel London

In spring I was obsessed with nude and pastel colors. I bought this Rimmel - "362 Barely There" Lycra Pro nail polish. And today I paint my nails after a long time with this color. I think it'll look amazing after vacation by the sea because it's just a little bit dark for me. What I love on this product is a maxi brush. Some people hate it, but I love this brush. In the pictures I have three coats of nail polish.

pondelok 27. júna 2011

Butterfly stamping nail art tutorial

For this design I used a mini stamping kit - Konad Stamping Nail Art. The kit contains one white nail polish, one image plate, a scraper and a stamp. I also used purple rhinestones for butterflies because it looks better and more sophisticated with them. You must pay attention to details as sometimes it's the small details which can make a huge difference. All in all, stamping is very easy and it looks beautiful! You can find lots of stamping tutorials on youtube.

Stamping - step by step:
  1. Paint the pattern (on image plate) you like with nail polish (color you want).
  2. Use a scraper to clean the image plate - scrape excessive nail polish off.
  3. Immediately use the stamper QUICKLY and STRONGLY. Press the stamp with a gentle rolling motion to pick up the design. The image is transferred on the stamp.
  4. Then stamp it on your nail carefully, SLOWLY with a gentle rolling motion. The image is transferred on your nail. 
  5. For lasting wear apply after 5 minutes top coat.
Do all steps as quickly as possible!!!
After each image clean stamp, scraper and plate with nail polish remover. 

"Basic" french manicure

My favorite nail design is french manicure because I can wear it with everything. It matches with every color of clothes and it's very elegant. The nails look natural but glamorous :-) Check the photos below!

sobota 25. júna 2011

French manicure with silver glitter line and rhinestones tutorial

Here is my old french manicure (one year ago!). I like the silver glitter line and purple star rhinestones. However the middle finger is too much I think now. 
Anyways, decorating the nails with rhinestones is easy and there are lots of different colors and shapes. This design lasted for about 5 or 6 days. I've never use a glue for rhinestones and I've never have problem with them. My "secret" is pushing them carefully and strongly to my nail and then applying top coat.

Decorating nails with rhinestones - step by step:
  1. Apply a dab of clear nail polish to place where you want have rhinestone.
  2. Pick the rhinestone up with wood stick or toothpick.
  3. Apply it on desired point on your nail to the place with clear nail polish.
  4. Push it carefully and strongly to your nail and apply top coat for long lasting wear. 

Barbie pink nails

I really want barbie pink nails after I've seen Nicki Minaj in her video clip Super Bass! I bought very cheap pink S-he nail polish in DM drogerie two weeks ago. It's a very cute pink color but I had to use three or four coats! After three times I've paint my nails, the half of nail polish is gone! :( I must find and try another barbie pink one in our drugstore. I looove pink nails! Check the photos below. It's S-he - aqua shine 020. 

piatok 24. júna 2011

My FIRST leopard nails inspired by TALLY WEiJL swimwear

My nail design is in pink-white-black color because I don't have turquoise nail polish. However, I'm so excited to buy it and do the same design as Tally Weijl! I think it's perfect design for summer. Colorful and one of my favorites!